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Hi, Success! I am so appreciative of the support you give to us both through these wonderful hypno guides and online. I so needed this help this weekend and actually through the years. The first I heard of your dad was through a library cd...stop worrying... I listened to this over and over. Each new download I have showed me how to see things in a new way. I have had many "aw ha" moments. Thank you so much Janet
Agradezco al Creador, a Barrie y su equipo, por tan útiles programas, valen más de lo que cuestan. bendiciones para todos
Justino, J. Estado de México, México  
Oh my god where do I begin. First off I am learning disabled if it wasn't for the Chakra Meditation super consciousness CD set there would be no way in hell I could have gone to a university. Universities require a lot of writing, thesis, reports and stuff. Before I found the chakra cd set I had a VERY difficult time expressing verbally and I literally couldn't write an essay AT ALL. The words in my head would not form. Every time I tried my mind would go completely blank. Also studying was very difficult because my mind kept wondering. If I play the subliminal part of the chakra meditation cd set my mind doesn't wander no wear near as bad and I can study in piece. After a few months of using the CD set, words started to form in my mind that I couldn't express before a flood of thoughts and information was flooding my head but in a good way. It was like someone unlocked my brain and was finally able to receive words sentences and that wasn't there before and was able to communicate and express myself, especially in writing. I also have issues with reading speed and comprehension, the chakra cd set help big time with my reading comprehension it was really noticeable. With the help of the community college that I went to they helped me apply and get in to the university. There were assignments there at the community college I had to do first to get accepted to the university I also had to get A's and B's on all the classes I took to get accepted. Not only did I get accepted to the university, I graduated from it. If it wasn't for the chakra CD set there was no way I could do the assignments let alone graduate from a university, NO WAY. This is information for those who are also learning disabled, and wanted to go to college but the learning disability got in the way. Only by accident I found out about what the chakra CD set could do for someone like me. It was a complete fluke. This is just information I could pass for people to know that if school is extremely difficult, this could help.
Martha, in California  
The Potentials Unlimited tapes were a great beginning for me in the genuinely productive use of my mind. Especially the original 1978 version of Potentials Unlimited Money-Prosperity in a cassette tape form that my Mom and Dad ordered for me as a "boy genius" in 1979 about when you first came out with the subliminal tapes combined with the verbal hypnosis tapes. I mean, as a young boy the possibilities, ideas I got and actions I took from the core ideas of these tapes have affected me in so many beneficial ways: To say the least, it has made me "superhumanly" resilient in so many hidden and wonderful ways that I cannot describe them easily here. I mean, I have quietly done so many great things with my life that my self-esteem and self-empowerment understanding are wonderful and do not need to be noticed by others, and it all started with those words from Barrie comforting my soul through those tumultuous early years of life: Hello, Greetings and Welcome. My Dad lost his foot in 1979 to diabetic malpractice by some crooked doctors early in his diagnosis of diabetes, and later I had to teach him to read and help him to read because he had undiagnosed severe dyslexia. Your ideas about the mind in the Subliminal Persuasion/Self-Hypnosis materials were very instrumental in opening up my mind to the genuine realities and possibilities of my capabilities. Now, I did not say they were the only road I took but they were a key that opened the door to put it mildly. So to go to the other side of Hello, Greetings and Welcome. Thank you, I Appreciate You and Heartfelt Salutations. Joshua Ananda Clayton Inglewood, California
Joshua Ananda Clayton  
They were a great beginning. They were a great beginning for me in the productive and greater use of my mind and the ideas on the programs have had an incredible impact on my psyche up to this present day and beyond.
Josh C., Inglewood, CA  
Fantastic! My Secret source of strength and a vast wellspring of enlightenment. I have several titles and usually don't even concern myself of which one to review, I have been very surprised on several occasions to experience amazing things I never thought possible. These have been a positive influence on my general sense of well-being. I whole heartedly recommend these to anyone who is curious about exploring the depth of mind, in a spirit that is strong yet calm. I am at a loss to adequately describe their benefits. Expect good results with your journey!
Dean Michael Simono  
I have used the astrological meditation before sadly lost during house move This system changed my life so powerful so wonderful. TRYING TO REORDER FINDING IF DIFFICULT. AMAZING PRODUCT Barbara Worsley
Worsley Bell.  
I was given my 1st tape in 1982 by my Dr. I was/am an insomniac with a bleeding ulcer. I was tired of the drugs. Wow Barry saved me! Flash forward all these years & I remembered the great results... Back in fold.
RobnieH.. Portland Oregon  
Hi Folks Are your MP3 really work? How can i know the messages are embedded in that MP3? I trust the cassette tapes more. Do you still have new cassette tapes available? Please advise. Thank you, Felix Hi Tony...No more cassettes How did you know the messages were on the cassettes? Cause they worked? Cause you know us and our integrity? Cause someone told you? It is a difficult thing to promise. is really up to how you feel about us. I am Barrie's daughter and I have been here since day one. Mom was/is the editor and these products are safe and effective. I love getting calls like the one moments ago when a cassette customer was trying to remember the title with the orange liquid. Together we figured out it was Relieve Stress and he told me it literally changed his life! We are the same company, with the same integrity and I have been blessed to care-take this company to be sure the products are still in line with Dad's purpose :) YES...they really do still work
I first listened to Barry's cassette tapes late seventies, early eighties. Then in the 90s. About to buy an MP3 of one that I wore out and that I owe all of my lifelong success to: *Problem Solving* Great benefits over my lifetime after listening to this self hypnosis tape many ,many days in my professional artist's studio. Thanks to Barry and Potentials Unlimited
The Potentials Unlimited tapes & CD's are the easiest way I know to heal your mind of negative thinking. We all go through a difficult time. Just lay back and relax and listen. My life was changed for the good is putting it mildly. Ka
Ka W. Florida  
Thank you for the offers. Over the decades Ive purchased many of your recordings, and I am very pleased. I'm saving up some money to buy more. Regards David S. Satisfied Customer. 10/12/2021
David S  
I have lived with HIV for 14 long years...before my repeated use of the Self-Healing CD i could not get my immune system numbers up...they hovered around 360 which is quite low...also i was unsuccessful at lowering my cholesterol...another risk factor for those living with HIV. Now my immune system numbers are in the 600's and my cholesterol is a healthy 150...i believe that the Self-Healing CD did its work. Also i just feel great listening to its positive and relaxing message and i listen to it every chance i get! Thank you!!!
robert rizzo  
Thank you for my Potentials Unlimited CD on Relaxation. It came in handy recently when I embarked on a long car ride home. I realized after I left that I was not as rested as I should have been. I pulled into a rest area and put my CD in the player. I fell asleep and woke up 45 minutes later feeling rested and invigorated and was able to safely complete my trip. I highly recommended this CD.
Robert P.  
Thank you for my Potentials Unlimited CD on Relaxation. It came in handy recently when I embarked on a long car ride home. I realized after I left that I was not as rested as I should have been. I pulled into a rest area and put my CD in the player. I fell asleep and woke up 45 minutes later feeling rested and invigorated and was able to safely complete my trip. I highly recommended this CD.
Robert P.  
I bought my Astral Projection potentials unlimited cassette from a book store in 1986. Sixty days later I had my first out of body experience and continued them for years to come. I am convinced that this hypnosis tape worked as advertised. It's great that I finally found Barrie's work again and can enjoy his sessions once more.
Adrian L, Milton Florida  
I used to have a tape that went by every part of the body telling you to contract it, hold it and let go. I want that tape because it put me t sleep without pills. All I remember is that it started “Hello, greetings and welcome” do you still sell that one. It was relaxation
I have a cassette tape on money prosperity - that's how long I've been using this self-hypnosis. I am afraid that the old tape will wear out soon, so I am buying the CD.
P. A. - Ohio  
Barry Konicov has some of the best subliminal tapes I've tried. Have had amazing experiences with them.
These tapes have helped me in my late 20s get through the most difficult times of my life and I then took the courage to change my life with education and succeed in a different career that I was successful in graduating top of my class and obtaining a successful career for 30 years and I’m now listening after finding these tapes again after 40 years Thanks so much

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