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Guided Meditation Relieve Stress & Anxiety MS

Relieve Stress & Anxiety MP3's, CD's and Subliminal Audio Tapes by Barrie Konicov

Relieve Stress & Anxiety   MS

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Science shows that stress, illness and disease are tied together. For a healthier, happier life, you must learn to control your feelings and care for your body. Barrie Konicov will guide you to a greater understanding of health, stress and recovery. Live a fuller life with Relieve Stress and Anxiety.

MS=easy listening music is used on the Subliminal portion of this version.

Each title comes with both Guided Meditation/Night and Subliminal/Anytime versions.

Please listen to Audio Sample all the way through to hear the musical difference.

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I have been using these tapes for about 30 years. I loved the ones on past lives, weight loss, stress and anxiety, relaxation, stop smoking, and they were very helpful. I was able to give up tobacco, lose weight, become more relaxed and less anxious. They have also helped my wife exercise and weight loss. We also found an excellent hypnotist where we lived 30 years ago who was very helpful. But all my tapes are worn out.

Dale Wisley, USA

Since 1988 I've been using the Potentials Unlimited Brand of Self-Hypnotic products for both my own pain management as well as giving them to my patients as part of the cognitive behavioral restructuring treatment plan as well as adding non-pharmacological interventions to their pain management plan. The titles I use most often are: (a) Relaxation; (b) Relieving Stress and Anxiety; (c) Pain Relief; (d) Back Pain Relief; (e) Up from Depression; (f) Stop Smoking; and (g) Insomnia.

Dr Stephen Grinstead

I first started using Barrie Konicov's Potentials Unlimited self hypnosis back in the 1980's. They are tremendous. His soothing voice puts you into a deep relaxation, most of the time putting you into a deep restful sleep. Back then of course I was using cassette tapes.

I still use his products today. My favorite one is "Self Healing." But I have also used "Relieve Stress & Anxiety," "Tennis MS, (which appears is not on CD but is on cassette tape." The other one I have used is "Relaxation."

I would highly recommend his guided meditation/subliminal persuasion products to anyone looking to improve their life.

Sam Madden

I started with weightloss in cassette form in he 1980's . Stress and anxiety help deal with life after a slight stroke...listen every night now during the quarantine. I tell so many about the benefits of his words. Thank You for your continued work.

Karen T. via email 4/2020

Karen T. via email

I been listening to this cassette (relieve stress and anxiety, subliminal, voice on side 1 and music on side 2) since 1990! I have MP3 downloaded now on my iphone and listen to it while at work and home. I'm still using it 3 times a week on the average and I couldn't see myself not listening to it! thank you so much for the subliminal hypnosis tape!

Bruce Y., Houston, Texas

I can't believe I found this on the internet. I took a chance. I bought the cassette tape in 1978 of this and it helped me over and over again throughout my life. the tape broke and I've tried others but always missed it. today I wrote down more info off the tape and checked google and voila. there it is, and many more. so thrilled. I can't wait to get the cd and start using it again.

Marguerite P. Princeton, Ma.

I am a licensed psychologist who began using the weight loss tape in college, and have used several of these tapes over the years, always with very consistent and measurable results. I recommend them to my patients often, as well as family, friends, and my health challenge club (stress relief in particular). I would be devastated if this company ever stopped producing their products. They've helped countless persons.

Jennifer, Denver, CO

For years I have used your “stress and anxiety” program with a high degree of success. I recently purchased your “freedom from allergies” cd, which appears to be improving my condition to some degree. George S. Kernersville NC

George S. Kernersville NC

Around 20 yrs ago I was browsing in a book store and I came across Barrie's "Relieve Stress and Anxiety" tape. I was going through some personal issues at the time I bought the tape I was very skeptical about what it promised. I used the tape as described and the results were nothing less than amazing. To this day I have to say that tape has been the single most positive influence in my life. About a week ago I was reading someone's blog on a web site, and he credited Barrie's "Money and Prosperity" tape for the financial success he was enjoying. So out of curiosity, and my experience with the other tape, I decided to order the mp3.

Scott B. La Habra, CA

I found this tape in the 80s and used the 1st section where Barrie reads off relaxation and used the fingertip touching as something that could be done. I can't find anyone else who I like as much. Could you send me just the first side of the original Relieve Stress and Anxiety so I could listen again? I once a gain had a lot of trouble in my life, and that was the only thing that got me through it, PLEASE!

Michele Free

Relieves Stress and Anxiety: I have been listening to the same tape for 25 years and it still helps me for my insomnia and panick attacks. I am amazed at the results!

Kaly White

For many many years I used your tape Relieve Stress and Anxiety during the tough times in my life. I lost that tape and could not find another one to replace it. I went through I don't know how many tapes from other people but they did not help me the way your tape did. When things would really get bad and I could not sleep I would use your Weight Loss tape and it would always help me relax and I could go to sleep. The Weight Loss tape is so old I started worrying what if something happened to that one, what would I do. I decided to look on the WEB and was so glad to find you. I can not tell you how many nights I was unable to shut my brain down enough to go to sleep, until I put on your tape. There were nights I would be having an anxiety attack and by using your tape I could get my anxiety under control and sleep. I do not usually take the time to let someone know when I like a product but this is different, you helped me stay calm when nothing else seemed to work for me. I have to thank you for the countless nights I was able to sleep instead of lying awake and feeling miserable. Also the next day when instead of being even more tired and anxious, I had a good night's sleep and could have a better day ahead. My life is better now and I don't need to use the tapes as much as I did, but I thank you every time I do use it to shut out the worries of the day and drift off to a peaceful sleep


All products come with two sides/tracks for you to listen to. A Subliminal side that can be be played at anytime you wish. You should simply hear music during this part. The other side is a Guided Meditation side, and is sugguest to be used during the night or when you sleep.

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