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Guided Meditation Stop Smoking SCII

Stop Smoking MP3's, CD's and Subliminal Audio Tapes by Barrie Konicov

Stop Smoking  SCII

MP3 - $18.98

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Stop Smoking cold turkey, if it is your desire, after listening to this program for 30 days or less. It contains the techniques and procedures that Barrie Konicov used to help thousands of people to Stop Smoking forever!

SCII=Baroque Classical music is used on the Subliminal portion of this version. Additionally, while listening to the Guided Meditation portion you will hear the Subliminal in the background.

Each title comes with both Guided Meditation/Night and Subliminal/Anytime versions.

Please listen to Audio Sample all the way through to hear the musical difference.

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I have been using these tapes for about 30 years. I loved the ones on past lives, weight loss, stress and anxiety, relaxation, stop smoking, and they were very helpful. I was able to give up tobacco, lose weight, become more relaxed and less anxious. They have also helped my wife exercise and weight loss. We also found an excellent hypnotist where we lived 30 years ago who was very helpful. But all my tapes are worn out.

Dale Wisley, USA

I am so glad I found you I went to a seminar and wasted my money, it did not do anything for me. I feel like I got rip off. THIS is helping me out a lot thank you guys

lisa weber

still listening.. smoked a couple of packs since i quit originally on 04/5.. new quit date is 4/23, haven't had a puff since!

Delbert Shiver

Hi back again that's me up there thanking you for your most beautiful videos i am just about to share you once again with every one i am still off the smokes and drink i owe you so much, everyone might say , but it was you who gave them up, yes thats true, BUT only because of your videos, i love life so much i am reborn, thank you so much xx Guardian Angels up above, please protect the ones we love

Ann Uh

I listened to this in may 2012 for a few weeks every day, since then I have smoked three cigarettes. I smoked the last cigarette in 17th May 2012. This helped me to stop smoking and I just wanted to come back and thank the creator of this amazing tape. Thanks!!!

Mr Cannable

I credit this man, -- and his tape, -- with becoming nicotine free. ---Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I smoked two packs of Chesterfields for 25 yrs. It was killing me. My father had quadruple heart bypass due to smoking. This is a very brief, abbreviated version of his whole tape. You sweetie pies putting this guy down will sing a different tune when emphysema's cut your lung capacity in half, -- Anyone who's serious about stopping smoking, get this tape. Use it. -- Believe it.


I have listened to your father for 30 years. I have given the recordings to others to help them. My biggest success story was my mother and father who were smokers for 40 years. I bought STOP SMOKING for them and they both stopped until they pasted; at ages 83 and 94. Bless you for all you do.

Randy T 4/2020

After 200+ unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking, I bought/listened to Barrie Konicov's tape for 30days & 30nights in 1990. Directly following listening to his tape, went on cross country trip. MANY TIMES during the trip I nearly bought cigs and gave into temptation. BUT, the subliminal effects (or something) must have kicked in just in time to prevent restarting smoking. Had my VERY LAST CIGARETTE @ the airport on June 5, 1990. Have not had EVEN ONE cigaratte since that date. And, what's even better have not wanted one. And, even better, instead of feeling I was missing something during those 200+ failed attempts, after the tape, I now feel I gained something: awesome freedom from the grip of cigarettes. I highly recommend trying Barrie Konicov's subliminal stop smoking disk. I plan to buy several for my family members who are still smoking. I want to save their lives. I am convinced Barrie Konicov's tape saved mine!!!

Seoh O., USA

Barry, thanks you from the bottom of my heart and why ? I quit cigarettes 26 yrs ago with a cassette tape that you wrote and voiced. I also turned my sister onto self hypnosis and although she did die of cigarette related to lung cancer, she was able to at least salvage 5 more yrs of life as a direct result of self hypnosis. She never would have had those extra yrs if it wasn't for the inspiration of the tape that rescued me. Thank you once again.

Billy S Phoenix AZ

Dear Alisa, Of course you can use my testimonial, Giving up smoking (9:30 pm, Dec. 14th 1987) with your help, is the best thing that I have done. I still have the tape in a box in the loft as a security blanket. Regards. PS If you want a more detailed description of me giving up smoking, I can do that as if it were yesterday

Mick C, United Kingdom

I appreciate all you have done and I will be ordering more titles from you in the future rest assured. I was successful quitting smoking 18 months ago and I will never smoke again. A lot of that was thanks to a Barrie Konicov recording so pass on the thanks if you get the chance.

Andy B. Dublin Ireland

Lori G. posted on Potentials Unlimited's Wall. "If you're contemplating & wanting to "succeed" in quitting the nasty & expensive habit of smoking. Trust in Potential's Unlimited super consciousness "Stop Smoking". It's a CD of subliminal persuasion. Complimented with some good will power, that CD worked like a charm for me after 30 years of smoking. I just celebrated my 6-month anniversary of being "smoke free" thanks to that CD!! Very helpful product! THANKS!!"

Lori G. Sarasota FL

All products come with two sides/tracks for you to listen to. A Subliminal side that can be be played at anytime you wish. You should simply hear music during this part. The other side is a Guided Meditation side, and is sugguest to be used during the night or when you sleep.

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