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How to Use Guided Meditation & Self-Hypnosis Products

How the Products Work

Each product is specially designed to stimulate and teach you how to implement more of your subconscious mind. Your mind is a powerful center of your being. It holds your memories, monitor and maintains the inner working of your body, like regulating your heart, and processes everything your senses take in.

Barrie's products tape into your subconscious and give you encouraging suggestions for change. The script is designed to help you relax as you achieve your change. Each product comes with two tracks, a Subliminal track, for the day, and a Self-hypnosis track, for the night or when you sleep.

With these Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal products, your subconscious will accept and help turn the suggestions presented to reality. Positive suggestions, along with visual imagery, these products can create amazing results.

How to Use During the Day

The Subliminal track is created to be used during the day or when you are awake. On these tracks, you will hear calming music that has been combined with the relaxing sounds. The message of the tracks is not consciously heard.

It is suggested that you listen and use the subliminal product two or more times a week, especially when you are comfortably in a chair. You should listen to the whole track to hear the whole message of the track. Listening to the subliminal track during the day will allow for you consciously experience the wonderfully pleasant sensation of the Self-hypnosis. It will feel as if you are floating in a dreamy state of mind, almost like you are daydreaming or a twilight sleep. It in this state that both your conscious and unconscious mind will both be aware and receiving the same message. When this happens, both parts of your mind believe the same message, and the changes you wish to achieve become able to happen effortlessly and automatically.

How to Use During the Night

Using Self-hypnosis tracks and products at night is an effortless way to achieve change. You subconscious mind never rests; it is always working, even when you go to sleep. In fact it can better receive and accept the suggestions without your conscious mind interfering.

The suggestions and message in this tracks is not disguised by music and other sounds in these tracks, they are plainly stated and heard. However they have a series of suggestions that help put you in a relaxed state, and will ultimately help you drift off into a deep and natural sleep.

There is no need for you to change your usual bedtime when using these products. It is suggested that you use this product for at least 30 days. This will allow for the message to be absorbed by your mind so you can bring about the change you desire.

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