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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use the Guided Meditation Products

  1. Listen to the Guided Meditation track (track 1 on the CD) or side of the cassette tape first, before doing anything else. You should do this while you are seated in a comfortable position during a time you are not likely to fall asleep, or be disturbed. The whole product and subliminal messages are clearly explained on this track or side. Doing this will offer you peace of mind and allow for your conscious and subconscious mind to start working together to achieving change. DO NOT PLAY THE GUIDED MEDITATION TRACK IN A MOVING CAR OR WHEN YOU NEED TO REMAIN FULLY ALERT.
  2. After this, you can begin to listen to the subliminal portion of the product. You can do this as often as you would like when it is convent. The subliminal version has the same message as the Guided Meditation. The only difference is instead of the relaxation exercise, there is composed music. It creates a great background sound for when you are doing other activities, such as: reading, walking, gardening, or working.
  3. Every night before you go to sleep, play the Guided Meditation version. It will help direct you to a deeper, natural, and restful sleep. If you fall asleep during while it is playing, don't worry, your subconscious mind will still receive the message and help you change.
  4. Listen to the Guided Meditation version as often as you can when it is not your bed time. Do so in a place and a time when you will not fall asleep, as you did in step 1.

Repeat Steps 1- 4 for at least 30 days. Even if you feel you have achieved your goals, or don't notice any changes taking place. It will take time for past behaviors to be neutralized and altered into new behaviors. Eventually it will become second nature to you.

Each product has been carefully researched and designed to help you change. If used as instructed you will being to experience change within a minimum of 30 days.

How Subliminal Persuasion Works

Subliminal Persuasion works by reprogramming your subconscious mind. When this reprogramming is done positively, the changes and your life will become positive. If you fill your mind with fears, anger, jealousy, hate, and other negative thoughts and feels, your life becomes filled with them as well. In turn if you mind is filled with joy, love, and confidence, you can find yourself having a more positive, pleasurable, and peaceful lifestyle. As an adult, it becomes your responsibility for the programming of your mind. Subliminal Persuasion can assist you in creating a more positive mind set so you can create a healthier brighter lifestyle.

Product Types

Cassette Tapes

  • Music Subliminal -Each tape comes with two sides; a subliminal side, for the day, and a guided meditation side, for when night time or when you sleep. It is just a simple flip of the tape for you to switch between tracks.
  • SCII (Super Consciousness II) -You get two tapes. Each tape has Baroque classical music which has been proven to help with subliminal change


  • Music Subliminal - One CD format. Track 1 is the Guided Meditation version, and track 2 is the Subliminal version.
  • SCII (Super Consciousness) -Two CD Format. One CD has a Guided Meditation version along with Baroque music. The second CD has the subliminals versions twice with no intro.


Mp3s allow for an immediate download of whatever product you purchase. There is no waiting for you product to be shipped to you. Just pay, download and begin to start your change. You put your Mp3 Downloads on any device on just about anything you want.

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