Guided Meditation MP3's, CD's & Tapes
by Barrie Konicov that help you achieve Subliminal Change

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Guided Meditation CDs

These CDs allow you to accelerate your desired changes. Each comes with a Subliminal track, to listen to during the day, and a Self-Hypnosis track, to use at night when you sleep. On the Subliminal track you will just hear music with a mix of relaxing sounds, while you receive the subliminal message. Most of the subliminal product tracks do not have an introduction; you can listen to it on repeat with no interruption. The Self-Hypnosis tracks have the same suggestions as the subliminal track, however, you can consciously hear them.

CDs are a great way tool for self-hypnosis and subliminal change. You can use them anywhere you can play and listen to a CD.

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