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About Barrie Konicov

Barrie Konicov started his career in hypnosis back in 1977, when he conducted group classes called "Weight Loss" and "Stop Smoking" in Michigan. He wrote and recorded a tape for each class. From there he wrote and created over 200 products and works, attended for hypnosis schools, and established his company Potentials Unlimited. In 1981, Konicov began to train other people to be hypnotists. He helped found the World Congress of Professional Hypno-Therapists. His products would set the bar for self-hypnosis products around the world.

Today, at about 70 years of age, he still writes and works on a collection of other projects in his home. While is his semi-retired, his company Potentials Unlimited is still family owned and operated. He handed control to his daughter, Stephanie Konicov-Banfill, in 1991.

He has many loyal customers from through out the years. They keep coming back, and have spread word to their family and friends. He is still a leading member in the Self-hypnosis and Subliminal products world.

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