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Audio Format

Musical Subliminal - MS

Music Subliminal, or MS, use the first music Potentials Unlimited used in their products after they stopped using ocean sounds. Theses tracks are known as "Original Music" for this reason. It allows for easy listening in everyday actives such as: reading, walking, running, or gardening. If you have used Barrie Konicov's Potentials Unlimited products before, this is most likely what you have heard in the past.

Super Consciousness - SCII

Super Consciousness, or SCII, uses Baroque Classical music. This music has been proven to help with conductive learning. SCII titles have the added benefit of subliminal tracks that can be listened to anytime within the back ground of the Self-hypnosis tracks. This increase the effectiveness of these tracks.

Master Series - MSTR

The Master Series, or MSTR, contain very upbeat music. This music is great for playing these tracks during the day for subliminal benefits.

Emerald Webb - EW

Emerald Webb is a music group that produced a few pieces especially for Barrie and his products. These tracks are very popular.

Female Voice - FV

In theses products the Barrie's script is read by Sandra Bovee. She is a professional recording actress. Her voice is a nice change of pace for people who might be looking for something different. Her calm voice will help you relax.

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